Website hosting, design, building and management.  Simple - effective - affordable.  You don't want a website that requires constant tending, and you want it to be easy to update and synchronize with your social media pages so that your clients receive timely updates and reminders from you.

Website Evaluation

We evaluate your goals for your website - information sharing, online shopping, search engine optimization.  If you already have a website, we will be happy to do a complimentary site evaluation to determine what is working, what is not, and if its programming or design needs to be updated to better reach your target market.


The beauty of web building software like WordPress is that it is updated frequently, and you are alerted when new updates are available.  It is also designed to display on desktop, laptop, Android and iPhone devices.  Linux web servers host our WordPress sites, not Microsoft, so they are less likely to be targeted by hackers.  We also have security software in place to alert us if someone is trying to illegally access or make changes to your site.

Syncing with Facebook/Twitter.....

Syncing your selected page posts with your social media accounts.

Monthly Site Review, Statistics Reports

We'll provide tools to monitor your site visitors and fine-tune your client base marketing, using many of the tools provided by Google Analytics.  We are constantly evaluating new technology to see how it can help your site continue to work for you.  We'll help you meet your goals and save you time and money.

Marketing, Advertising

Marketing, using Facebook ads, email and surface mail campaigns to reach your target market.

Live television and radio interviews



Coordinating your brand across all media

We can affordably coordinate your brand, syncing with all your preferred media.

Staying on budget

We build a program to fit your budget.  No surprises.  All requests are quoted by us and accepted by you in advance of work being done.  Changes to the original quoted tasks will be requoted as change orders if additional fees might be incurred.


Next Steps...

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